Jake Berry

Programmer - Data Wizard - Artist - Graphic Designer
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what I do

Skill sets and passions


C, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, Basic, SQL, GML, and other coding and scripting languages... hopefully with more to come!

Data Wizard

Coding is one thing, but managing data is quite another! I've gone to great lengths to extract data from weird formats for use in creating infographics.


I'm no renaissance painter, but I've certainly come a long way since the days when I doodled on every other scrap of paper that passed through my hands.

Graphic Designer

I enjoy placing things in an orderly fashion... organized to be aesthetically pleasing and to communicate the most important aspects clearly 


What I can do... for you.


From one-time jobs handling some operation you'd like performed on a set of data, to more long-standing arrangements such as application development.

Graphic Design

Book covers, merchandise design, advertisements, website mockups, and much more.

Either way, the answer is to

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Previous Work

This section is still under reconstruction!

Europa Universalis IV to Tableau Graphs

While participating in a weekly multiplayer grand strategy game known as Europa Universalis IV, I created interactive graphs of the progress of each player's nation over the course of the game. To do this, I had to take saves from the game and run them first through a java program I wrote to extract data in csv format, then upload it to a google spreadshet which reorganized the data into a format readable by Tableau. Within Tableau, I created the final graphs. You can find those graphs here.